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Mahler Symphony No. 9


Boston-based, British-born conductor Benjamin Zander has been acclaimed for his fresh, dramatic interpretations of symphonic literature-particularly in the works of Mahler and Beethoven. A tireless and passionate advocate for bringing classical music to the general public, he has not only devoted much of his career to coaching and conducting young musicians, but has also established a reputation as a highly-respected motivational speaker for large international groups and corporations. Using music as metaphor for positive, creative thinking, he regularly brings enthusiastic corporate executives with no musical background to their feet to sing the theme from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

This live recording of Mahler's Ninth Symphony marks his debut on the Telarc label, and includes a bonus discussion disc offering the conductor's unique observations on the score and its performance, which Zander believes will enable the first-time listener to both understand and become drawn to Mahler's music. Zander comments that his interpretation of Mahler involves a process of restoration. "There used to be a way of playing the works of Mahler that was incredibly free-something that was there in Mengelburg's and Mahler's own performances," he says. "It requires an infinite subtlety and flexibility of timing that is rare these days, in which one thinks of the orchestra as a chamber music instrument, and each of the musicians as virtuosos on their instruments."


This box contains two pages of Mr Zander's score with all his own markings and 50 minute of instructions of how to conduct the first two pages of the score of the first movement for untrained conductors.

Disc One:

1. I. Andante comodo

Disc Two:

2 .II. Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers. Etwas tappisch und sehr derb
3. III. Rondo-Burleske. Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig
4. IV. Molto adagio

Disc Three:

Benjamin Zander: On perfoming and listening to Mahler Symphony No. 9
1. First Movement
2. Second Movement
3. Third Movement
4. Fourth Movement


"The performance of a millenium."
"This rendering of the Mahler 9 is simply the finest I have heard...probably closer to what Mahler intended than any other conductor."
"...holds its head high in the crowded Mahler discography...this is big, hyperemotional, Leonard Bernstein-style Mahler...Zander has a wonderful musicality."
USA Today
"This is certainly the most enlightening, and inspiring, Ninth in many years...anybody's spine should thrill to it."
Financial Times (London)
"...remarkable...we hear countless vivid expressive details—all adding up to one organic, multi-dimensional statement...The nearest comparison I can think of is Bruno Walter's 1938 Vienna Philharmonic recording - clearly the sound of an orchestra of great individualists, united in a common musical cause."
"...points out thematic connections where one might not notice them...a superb performance."
Classic CD
"Zander has been rightly described as one of the most able communicators since Leonard Bernstein."
The Independent (London)
"This is a great performance...Zander proves his stature as a Mahlerian...This set belongs on the same shelf as a select few Mahler Ninths."
The Sunday Times (London)
"This Mahler Ninth is outstanding...Zander's Mahler is expressive and emotional...Mahler's multitude of musical details are diligently observed."
American Record Guide
"This is one of the most spiritual and exhilarating accounts on disc since Bruno Walter made the work's initial recording in 1938...unequivocally recommendable."
"Zander understands Mahler's unconventional methods and structure...The orchestra plays with astonishing independence and involvement...this is the kind of profoundly emotional performance that carries all before it."
The Boston Globe
"The way he structures the symphony is exemplary: he makes use of everything the orchestra can do (a captivated Philharmonia) They can make the music surge with astounding power..."
"[Zander] inspires superlative orchestral playing and brings out the music's warmth, passion and anguish... must rank high among memorable accounts of the great work."
The Sunday Telegraph (London)
"Zander analyzes the work in his own inimitable way... the perfect tool to help us further open the door to great music."
Chicago Daily Herald, Bill Gowan
"This is a great performance...Zander proves his stature as a Mahlerian...This set belongs on the same shelf as a select few Mahler Ninths."
"Mahler doesn't come any better than this. I have listened to this recording time and again in total awe. It is scrupulously meticulous in its attention to what the score says, and the results take your breath away..."


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