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Penguin Guide

Penguin Guide

Piano concerto in G. (N) (M) *** Carlton Classics 30366 01002 [id.]. Stephen Drury, Boston PO, Zander - Stravinsky: Pertushka

With persuasively alive and perceptively detailed support from Zander and his excellent Boston Orchestra, and a warm, naturally balanced recording, Stephen Drury gives an appealingly intimate account of the G major Concerto, one in which vividness and delicacy of feeling are nicely balanced. The slow movement is tender and gentle, to contrast with the dazzling finale - uninhibited, yet carefully controlled so that there is poise as well as exhilaration. The 'live'recording is naturally balanced within a most appealing ambience. No wonder there is enthusiastic applause at the close.

Petrushka (complete; 1947 version). (N) (M) *** Carlton Dig. 30366 01002 [id.]. Boston PO, Benjamin Zander - RAVEL: Piano concerto in G. ***

Benjamin Zander conducts a remarkably compelling account of Petrushka which is extraordinarily vivid in detail, yet everything is placed within a natural perspective. There is no highlighting, and Stravinsky's score glows in its natural colours. The Boston playing is refined, yet the ballet's narrative is most atmospherically conveyed. The result is uncommonly satisfying and, if the unusual coupling is suitable, this is well worth considering.


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