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Responses from Ben's talk at Logica in Berlin

Posted: 2012-06-21 12:41:00

Andy Green wrote:

Benjamin fired up the team at a crucial time creating a real sense of openness for change and a sense of ownership and collaboration. And we all had such fun doing it! Truly world class.

Andy Green. CEO Logica.


Dear Ben

What a privilege it was to have you join us in Berlin last week and I am very glad you brought Rosamund ‘with you’ too! It is always exciting to meet one of one’s heroes.

The team was spellbound during your presentation and it was a fantastic way to lift the mood during what is a challenging time for all businesses. It really has opened our eyes to the art of possibility and I know the team was buzzing about it all night. It will go down in the annals of Logica as being one of the most inspirational moments we have ever experienced as a team.
Andy Green CEO Logica


David King wrote:


Re: Ben – I came away from his session with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. If it had been a tune I’d be humming it. When we talk about boundless energy and enthusiasm I’d bet he’s not the age profile think of first – yet there he was captivating an audience for nearly 3 hours. Ben’s the one speaker from this kind of event that struck a really personal chord for me – the only I’ve talked about to my family at length and they all get it. And you’ll hear a chorus of How Fascinating, complete with arm waving, whenever anything goes wrong (sorry – not quite as expected).

Ben’s great!



Sake Algra wrote:

Regarding Benjamin, please let him know that he has been the most inspiring person to speak for a large group I have ever met. Although I wanted to sit at the back row as well (but there were no seats left) I ended in the front row, which I have never ever regretted. From now on the front row is my preferred option. I see a lot of possibilities and please wish him well.


Monique Mulder wrote:

The art of the possibility is for all ages and centuries, it is also very well expressed in earlier days by Eleanor Roosevelt: the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!
The session with Benjamin inspired me a lot. For me it is the dream, dare, do and share in action. Thanks, Benjamin!

Regards, Monique


Ulf Baggstrom wrote:

Over the 25+ years in the industry, I have been listening to many motivational speeches – this was the best. I told my daughter about it and she is now reading Ben’s book and getting inspiration from it. I hope Ben gets better soon – we need Ben to help us to see beyond our glass boxes and break our paradigms!

Best regards,

Bernadette Harkin wrote:

Thanks to you, I am now ‘front rower’ forever!....Bernadette


Stefan Szabo wrote:

Dear Benjamin,

When you stated that you'd have a transformation speech, I was sceptical. Although I wasn't sitting in the back row, I was thinking if I had been. "How much this man can change me in a couple of hours?" I asked myself. Now I know that you were right.

These days, I'm working on the most complex project I ever dealt with. Lots of hurdles and surprises. Had I not listened to you in Berlin, most likely I would have given up by now. But certainly I would be upset and grumpy. Instead, I decided to do it the BTFI way. It doesn't only work for me, it seems to be catching. I know that I will need some help from time to time, when I start loosing faith. That's why I keep your book at my bedside.

I also wanted to tell you that recently I went to a piano concert by Ivan Moravec. It was a very, very different concert. I discovered that there are two types of concerts: before Berlin and after Berlin. When I was a small boy, I used to watch Leonard Bernstein's concerts for young people. You made me look them up on the internet and watch them again.

Thank you for what turned out to be one of the strongest experiences of my lifetime.

Stefan Szabo, Prague

Thomas Ludwig wrote:

The most positive 2 hours I ever spent on a Conference.

Freundliche Grūße/Regards





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