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Our daughter's musical life

Dear Ben,

Jeanne's Dad and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful part you have played in our daughter's life at New England Conservatory. Her graduation time brings on reflection on our part, and we feel so grateful for Jeanne's having worked with you last year at the NEC Chamber Singers and BPO performance of the Bach Cantata 150. She came to NEC from a relatively small University in North Carolina, from being a "big fish in a small pond" , as it were, to being one among many excellent singers and musicians. She welcomed the challenge. However, at first, the Conservatory experience was quite daunting. Fortunately, shortly after she came, she auditioned for you and Simon Carrington. You felt that she had the voice to do the Cantata performance with the BPO. What a thrill that was for her and us, as her parents. The opportunity to work with you was such an honor for her. It came at a time that she needed to feel The Art of Possibility, and who, but you, could be better at providing that! This performance realized a dream Jeanne had shared with us since she was quite small ... that of singing in a famous Hall with a famous orchestra! She is just beginning her career now and has many challenges yet to experience, but your positive, creative enthusiasm will always be a great source of strength to her. We must also tell you that other members of our family have read your wonderful book and practiced its principle's. We gave it to our nephew, who is a wonderful young artist. He is very interested in staying creatively motivated. He really connected with The Art of Possibility. Also, Jeanne's Dad, Frank, who is a substance abuse counselor, has his own copy, and uses many of your principles in his own personal life, as well as with his clients in group and one-on-one settings. We have both watched your wonderful program that came on the Ovation TV Arts Channel and felt enthused and renewed after watching it. You have touched all of us in the Jolly household and we just felt the need to tell you!

If you are ever in N.C. in your travels, please contact us. We would love to see you.

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