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Thank You for changing my life (a letter from the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange)

Dear Maestro Zander,

I was one of the 4700 IBMers in Anaheim, CA yesterday that was moved by your speech. And I accepted your invitation to came forward to sit in the front row.

I am a musician first, and a IBM professioanl second. I have learned from the finest conductors the lessons in music that stayed with me my entire life. These lessons I have applied in my IBM career and personal life. Lessons such as listening to other
musicians so we can perform together in harmony, the ability to use inspiration as we express ourselves during a performance, and the ability of the conductor to bring out the best in us as you did yesterday when we sang Happy Birthday or your example of Beethoven's Fifth Symphany, First movement played in the Allegro
tempo. Beethoven's Fifth was the first tympani part I learned as a boy, however you taught me the way to play it as Beethoven intended.

What I valued most was the lesson on downward spiral conversations and to focus on the vision that can spawn a variety of tangents. I know that I will use this with others for the rest of my life; the key phrase you used many times. I believe this will change the world we live in.

As I sat through you lesson, I thought how wonderful it would be to perform under your baton. Then it struck me that I had already had done so by just being there yesterday. I felt like a student musician during a rehearsal as you taught us lessons in life with musical examples, I was inspired unlike any orchestra rehearsal I had before. I learned the greatest lesson from you and I appreciate that opportunity.

Thank You for changing my life,
Tony Liu
IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist

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