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Many blessings from Durham

Dearest Ben,

If I were an instrumentalist in your Philharmonic, and I had my white scrap piece of paper, it would say “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected. Thank you for living into your Possibility, and for reminding me to live into mine.”

I have many sayings like that up on my office bulletin board. Things to remind me that each day is a gift and it is up to me to build a better world.

The first time I heard you speak, I exclaimed to the universe “Thank you for sending Ben out with his gift.” I have always thought that life is like a symphony – and God is the master conductor. And when people are in tune with one another, the music is beautiful. But when we speak over each other, and don't listen, and fight and try to be right (and downward spiral), it's a cacophony.

You are using all of your many gifts and talents and spreading the message throughout the world. And I LOVE that you will not rest until there are TWO books in every hotel room. I can promise you – the next time you come to stay at the Washington-Duke Inn (with Roz and, I HOPE, Stephanie) – there will be two books.

My mother used to pray that God would send each of her children – not wealth, nor power, nor prestige – but a spouse with the heart of Kind David and the wisdom of King Solomon. Well, all of us would up with Kings like that. And as you spoke yesterday, I wondered, did I actually wind up with a King, or was the prayer answered in my ability to see him as a King? Was I granted possibility?

I will never get tired of hearing you speak, nor reading your book. I love that you bring Roz into the room – and that she is present.

Thank you for your transformation, for your infectious enthusiasm, for your passion.

You are changing the world, one world at a time.

Many, many blessings from Durham,


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