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Ode To Joy

Dear Mr. Zander,
Every year I attend the OHA convention in Toronto, and every year I go to the legal showcase on the Monday morning program ("How Fascinating!"). This year, I took a chance and deviated from my structured plan and went to your session. And I learned more than I ever have before at this convention.

Thank you for coming to Toronto to speak, interact with us, and lead us in a rousing rendition of Ode to Joy - a song that truly mirrored my feelings at the end of the session! Singing it, I felt that I could - at any moment - be seized from the audience and dragged to the finest opera houses in the world to perform for the world. Health services management, be damned. I WAS ONE WITH THE MUSIC!!!!!Your session left me feeling energized, excited, uplifted and downright cheerful. My husband commented as I got off the train last night that he hadn't seen a grin that big in a while! (And he sent me off this morning with a kiss, a grin and a "don't forget rule number 6" warning. He, too, enjoyed your session - experienced vicariously through my endless chattering last night.

I want to say three things in particular:
Your engagement of the young 10 year old in the audience was delightful. This little girl has probably never felt so lifted up before. What a wonderful gift to give a child. Second, your work with Lydia, the talented cello player, was awe-inspiring. Your coaching transformed her playing in just a few short minutes to something that brought tears to my eyes, and your encouragement will certainly stick with her for some time to come. And finally, your stories of your father touched me deeply. There is no greater way to honour a lost loved one than to hold them up with respect, admiration and love for the world. You honour him by speaking of him with such tenderness and kindness.

Thank you. Starting my day yesterday with two and a half hours of belly-aching laughter and life-lessons was wonderful. Elizabeth Bardon

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