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2004 GMAC Annual Industry Conference

Ben Zander was captivating and engaging! Although he may be seen as a motivational speaker, he has much more of a lasting effect, and was very relevant to developing leaders. One of best speakers I have ever heard. Best session of conference.

Zander was a special moment which only comes along in a few times in someone's life. I am not easily impressed with most motivating speakers. The energy and depth of knowledge he projected was absolutely enthralling. I have never seen a speaker so gifted and who could totally engage his audience. THANK YOU!

Ben Zander's presentation was wonderful. Thanks for looking for presenters who are not the usual suspects and who truly open eyes to new possibilities.

Benjamin Zander blew it out of the water. Absolutely the best part of the ENTIRE program. Outstanding way to send us off. I was inspired!

Benjamin Zander is a national treasure. What a marvelous person -- kudos to the team for sharing him all of us!

I want a bottle of Ben Zander!!!! His session was absolutely fantastic and made the entire conference worth attending!!

Benjamin Zander was a highlight.

Benjamin Zander was amazing and dynamic--when I first read that it was going to be 2 hours, I didn't think a speaker would be able to hold the audience's attention, but he did a stand up job.

Benjamin Zander was an excellent presenter and was very motivating.
Please be sure to have more people like him speak at future conferences!

Benjamin Zander was fantastic--really great speaker

Benjamin Zander was one of the best speakers I have ever seen.

Benjamin Zander was outstanding!

Benjamin Zander was the most captivating and engaging speaker that has presented at a conference in my experience. He was excellent and it was superb choice on your part!

Benjamin Zander was wonderful. It was nice to have a person from a different profession speak. He was funny, entertaining and informative.

I took back a lot. Mr. Zander changed my life attitude.

Both excellent, but Benjamin Zander made more of a connection and was more realistic I think.

I was so impressed with Benjamin Zander. Would love to see him again!!

I was somewhat dubious about Benjamin Zander, but he was excellent - time well spent!

I'm sure you're hearing it from many people, but Benjamin Zander was absolutely superb! Great job landing him! That alone made going to the conference well worth it!

Benjamin Zander was absolutely brilliant. I can't remember when I have enjoyed a session so much - I found it really inspirational.

I have no idea how you will do next year. Ben Zander will be impossible to beat or even match! What a wonderful session! In 5 years of GMAC he is definitely number 1!

I really enjoyed the Benjamin Zander session which was both enjoyable and thought provoking. It has resulted in many conversations across our work team.

Benjamin Zander was particularly generous with his time. He did not leave until every book and CD was signed.

The session with Benjamin Zander was worth the entire conference.

The session with Zander may have been the best workshop session I have attended in 20 years of higher education administration!

The Zander session was the best ever. Even though much of what he said is also covered in the book, the book can't begin to relay his personal charisma and humor. I found it a cathartic experience and have started giving his book as a gift to friends.

Zander was a great way to end the conference. He provided a good message and an energetic delivery. Congratulations on this choice!

The session with Zander was one of the best experiences I have ever had - both professionally and personally.

Zander was absolutely uplifting and fascinating.

Zander was amazing!

Zander was by far the best.

Zander was far and away the best presentation at GMAC! What a great way to end the event!

Zander was one of the best speakers I've ever heard; top 3, easily. Material could be applied to any field, and he was an inspiring speaker.

Zander was the best speaker with the most relevant message that I have ever experienced.

Zander was truly inspirational. Please continue to stretch the limits with speakers like Zander. We don't often get the opportunity to hear genuine business speakers.

Zander was worth the price of admisson.

Ben Zander was unique and had a great way of getting us to think and look at things in a different manner. I'd recommend him to almost any organization.

Probably the most inspirational and exciting speaker I have ever heard - he truly changed my life. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING HIM.

Well done. Too bad the shelf life of inspiration is often too short!

Benjamin Zander's presentation was the best I have ever attended. Fascinating, funny, great audience participation.

GMAC keynotes are uniformly wonderful - Benjamin Zander raised the bar even higher.

Benjamin Zander was extraordinary; I've never seen a more dynamic and engaging speaker.

Ben Zander just inspired the group and sent us off on a great note.

Benjamin Zander was absolutely outstanding and I will certainly remember.

His session and some of the models he used. How fascinating has already become a stock phrase used by my colleague and myself when confronted with a problem. Wonderful.

Ben Zander was very dynamic and entertaining. However it was hard to find professional take-always. But it was a great way to end the conference - he certainly kept me engaged and awake!

Your choice of Benjamin Zander was a stroke of genius. What a teacher!

Benjamin Zander's session was especially inspiring and relevant.

I am always rather cynical of 'leadership' and 'motivational' speakers, but Benjamin Zander was outstanding. He is the best speaker I have seen for many years. He even managed to get me joining in with singing, which believe me is rare!

Yet again GMAC has raised the bar in terms of providing outstanding and thought provoking speakers. Thank you - especially for Benjamin Zander.

Benjamin's presentation far exceeded my expectation.

Benjamin's was especially life-transforming!

The two speakers were without question, the most impressive that I've ever heard...I especially liked the fact that their comments were relevant to our work and that they each provided specific, concrete examples of how we could APPLY their ideas to our day-to-day personal and professional lives. Mr. Zander was a truly inspirational speaker--thank you for the opportunity to hear him!

The best two keynote speakers I remember in 21 years of attending higher ed conventions.

Your feature speakers were just outstanding! You always seem to nail these down very effectively good job!

The two keynote speakers were the best that I have seen at a conference like this. GMAC did an excellent job aligning the right people with the appropriate subject matter. The conference definitely went from good (Dallas) to Great (Boston)!

Zander was excellent. Thank you for going the extra mile to present the opportunity to hear both. Anyone who skipped Zander truly lost out.

Amazing keynote presentations -- a perfect pairing. Inspirational and yet practical, too. Best yet for GMAC!

Both Collins and Zander were marvelously entertaining.

I truly enjoyed and was moved by Jim Collins' and Benjamin Zander's presentations. They offered so much insight that I could not write fast enough! I feel that I learned so much and am excited to incorporate their ideas within my professional role and office.

Both sessions were incredibly energizing, especially Benjamin Zander's. Excellent choices!
GMAC has done it again. Each year I am blown away by the opening and closing speakers. I learned quite a bit and walked away transformed.

Collins and Zander - what an incredible pair. Perfect speakers - dynamic, engaging, relevant. Outstanding in every way.

Collins and Zander were spectacular. Both speakers gave talks that were profoundly important to me on a professional and personal level. GREAT JOB!
Collins was a great person to begin the activities and Zander was the perfect person to wrap it up. Kudos on great selections!

I applaud the selection of Dr. Collins and Maestro Zander. Both sessions were magnificent; Benjamin Zander's bordered on brilliant!

Fabulous speakers! Wonderful how they got the crowd involved and made you think and act.

Both speakers were great! My favorites thus far!

Great choice of speakers.

Great diversity of speakers--both were very inspiring!

I thought Jim Collins was as good as it could get - and THEN there was Ben Zander. Both speakers were excellent and gave information crucial to us doing better both personally and professionally. I'm REALLY impressed with the quality of the speakers you secured (the people I've told about the conference have been impressed too!).

I thought the two keynote speakers were excellent presenters and very inspirational. Great choices.

I was inspired by both the opening and closing speaker! OUTSTANDING!!!

It will be hard to top this combination of general sessions! Both were excellent, especially Zander.

The 2 speakers were outstanding - personally inspirational!! I took a lot 'home'. Thank you.

Jim Collins and Benjamin Zander were phenomenal.

The key speakers were 'transforming'. What more could one expect. They were both fabulous!

The keynotes were both visionary and outstanding. They are among the best I've ever encountered through my professional experience.

The two keynote speakers were perfect book-ends to an excellent conference.

The two keynotes were fantastic. They were relevant, exciting, engaged and all of those wonderful words.

The two speakers could not have been better! They were so inspiring - wonderful choices - I felt privileged to be there to hear them.

While I really enjoyed Jim Collins' talk, I thought Benjamin Zander gave the best talk that I have ever heard at a conference. Both speakers were truly inspirational, but Zander was amazing. You all really outdid yourselves this year with the keynote speakers!

WONDERFUL choice of speakers. They were one of the best pieces of the conference, by far.

Outstanding keynote speakers - wow!

Perhaps the best two keynote speakers I have every heard. Both were thought provoking and energizing.

Wow! The presenters were so motivational and so engaging....they were both the highlights of the conference for me personally and professionally. Top-notch!! Thank you!

You always do a great job with speakers!

Excellent job with the far the best keynote speakers I've seen in any conference I've ever attended. Thank you for investing in great talent!

Jim Collins and Benjamin Zander were the two best speakers GMAC has ever had!

What can be said about the speakers? Simply wonderful. Keeping with tradition, GMAC has once again provided speakers that are not only relevant, but entertaining, thought provoking, and energizing.

The caliber of the speakers was outstanding. Although I can't list a significant number of specific takeaways, I rate the sessions top-notch for professional renewal and inspiration.

These were the best speakers (especially in combination) that I think we have had. Both content and presentation were interesting to a wide audience.

These were transformative events for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to hear these gentlemen. I assure you that they provided renewal, contemplation and new direction. Thank you!

Two of the best speakers I have ever heard. Congratulations on a job well done!

They were both phenomenal.

Your keynotes continue to be first rate. They give us the opportunity to take ourselves out of our specific context and remember that certain general principles apply to business situations. They also inspire and challenge us to raise the bar on the level of our work.

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