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Aurora Health

Hi Mr. Zander,
I had the good fortune to be in the audience yesterday for the Aurora conference at the MIdwest Express Center. I just needed to tell you how wonderful your presentation was. a true "Ode to Joy"! There have been many conferences with many speakers but you truly captivated your audience yesterday. Usually by the end of the day people get fidgety and start clock watching, I didn't observe any of that. When you played, many people had their eyes closed and I think felt the music as I know I did. When your time was up, I was actually sorry, because I could have listened to you for at least another two hours. I must confess that while I have listened to classical music in the past, it isn't music I choose to listen too. After yesterday I will certainly listen with a more appreciative ear. You play beautifully. What a treat for all of us. This was probably the first exposure that many of us had to "live" classical music. I know that I would love to hear one of your concerts.
At first I couldn't imagine why Aurora had chosen a conducter as our guest speaker. I quickly realized that you have so much more to offer than the beautiful music you play/direct.
I purchased your book and look forward to reading and sharing it.
Thanks again for a delightful and enlightening afternoon.

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