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One Cheek Driving

Dearest Ben,
Can it really be that it has been a month since you changed my world? Since I left you in Boston, life has been very "Fascinating!". We lost our first employee in a work related death, I spent a week in Florence, my youger brother had his first baby, I turned 40, and found out that our business is the subject of an FBI investigation. How fascinating!!
Through all of this I have been consumed with the thoughts of endless possibilities in life, and the joy and wealth of pursuing them. Life after 40 still feels good and Susanna still loves me. Our FBI investigation will be an opportunity to tell the real story about the success and virtues of our business to a bigger audience than we have ever had before.

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to do the second session for all of our employees. With everything that has happened following your visit, I think we were all perfectly poised and ready to avoid the traps of the abundant downward spirals. Our employees (and I) originally responded to the FBI investigation with shock and anger. I have challenged myself, and the other 1500 employees, to respond the same way Roz challenged you when your students didn't show up at the concert.

My lunch with the two of you is something that will always be a treasure in my memories. I look forward to the oportunity of having you both in New Braunfels. If you are ever in the area, you have a new home.

And finally, I must add that riding with you was one of the most exhillarating experiences of my life. Sitting in the passanger seat of that beautiful BMW with a driver that sees stop signs, red lights, and traffic cones as mere mortal manifestations of life's downward spirals was a "fascinating" experience.

Thanks again for helping me find a new horizon.
Your friend,
Doug Harrison

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