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Cloud 27

The Boston Philharmonic's performance of the Mahler # 1 last Sunday afternoon was so overwhelmingly inspired that it defies description. I am still on cloud 27: not cloud 9 (my usual habitat after your concerts). The unattainable plain at the commencement of the third movement. The orchestra played beyond the realm of human or even divine possibility to My only regret was that, having been transported to the heights of Olympus, I wanted to step into a Spartan, soundproof room to slowly return to the world of banal reality. Having attended well over 1000 symphony concerts during the last 44 years, I can say without hesitation that your Mahler # 1 performance yesterday afternoon was the most memorable.
Subscribing to both Sanders Theater series is a wonderful and revelatory
experience. To see the changes, the growth; both technical and inspirational, from Thursday to Sunday is magical. This is not to say that the Sunday concerts are necessarily better. on occasion the reverse is true. The Thursday Mahler # 1 was a magnificent, thrilling performance in every way. Comparing the two, in this case, is like comparing apples and oranges. I said to a friend immediately after Sunday's concert that the only thing the two performances had in common was that "Ben's face turned bright red at the same moment in the 4th movement at both performances.

I've also subscribed to several BSO series for decades. Naturally I've heard many wonderful concerts but even more mediocre and some downright bad performances. I often lament the fact that the BSO can't play as well as the BPO.
The Mahler Journey has begun and I await the next 3 concerts ( in my case 6 concerts) with great anticipation.

Many, many thanks....

Ed Burke

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