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Deep appreciation

My Dear Maestro Zander

How mesmerised and astonished I was to hear your extraordinary performances, at the Henley Music festival.

From the moment you spoke, I knew I was hearing a special humanitarian, and when you lifted your baton ; a new experience evolved. Words carry such power, and your penetration, into the heart and minds of the audience was a new experience, which I felt so deeply. Than you.

How you have felt, the heart and soul, and the meaning of the composers, was brilliant. I am sure, from Beethoven to Marler, and to all the composers, you live with there spirits; and are with you! and loving your interpretations.

You transformed the Phil last night, to heights that they have never reached in the past. What a string section! and the voices excelled. This choir I have never heard before, which is to my loss. Now that I have become a disciple of your magic, I cannot thank you enough.

Maestro, please forgive me if I have been too forward after only congratulating after the concert, but life is too short not to express what lies in my heart.

I am now going to collect all your recordings, and I cannot express enough of how my wife and I were baptised, you are a very special person.

May God continue to bless you and your family with good health and continued motivation to inspire.

Yours very sincerely

Barron and Sylvia Mendelssohn

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