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An Inspiring Idea

Dear Roz and Ben Zander,

I've recently finished reading your book "Art of Possibility" and I was
very touched by it. I feel like I've 'experienced' one of the most
important works in a field I used to call 'science of possibility'. Please
receive my deepest acknowledgement for your work in this field and for the
way you two work together, one enhancing the work of the other. My
constant thought while reading the book and after closing it, was that it
must be translated into Romanian language, my native language. This book
*has to be read* by Romanians because it will be an inspiration and a
source for transformation for many of them. I want to take this challenge
to make your book 'speak transformation and possibility' in Romanian
language. I am very inspired by this, and I am already seeing it in
Romanian words, although I know how difficult it is to speak the generative language of possibility and transformation in a literary Romanian
language. In the last 3 years, I spent a lot of my free time in Landmark
Education trainings, both for individuals and for companies (LEBD), and I
studied the 'languaging' and 'reframing' techniques used in such courses.
Putting them in Romanian language was both difficult and rewarding,
especially after seeing them 'working in Romanian language' and being used
by others in their daily speaking.

I consider that I can take now this challenge of making your book
accessible to Romanian 'speaking and listening' people.

Please tell me how should I proceed further with this idea and who I should contact to make it happen.

With great consideration for your work, both as a team and as individuals,

Radu Dorobant,
SAP Consultant

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