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YPO and Mahler III 2004

Dear Mr. Zander,
Last Tuesday evening was life altering for our whole family! We were brought to tears at the end of the YPO concerts of the Mahler III. Our daughter, Shelsey, was so moved by the music and the words you so eloquently spoke on the CD translating for us what Mahler tried to convey. Your ability to articulate so poetically what he was intending helped our whole family to enjoy and understand the depth experienced.
Thank you for bringing us to such a beautiful place. You emote musically and bring us all in your grasp. We go willingly and appreciatively. As you said, "Power is in the capacity for joy." Thank you for your conducting, your leadership, your insight and most of all, the joy we shared at the concert.
Best wishes,
Jim, Mimi & Shelsey Weinstein

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