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Inspired by the Mahler 5 concert last week in Toronto

I was so inspired by the Mahler 5 concert last week in Toronto!
I ordered recordings of your Beethoven 5 and 7.
(I had recordings of Mr. Von K and the Berlin. I bought them twenty
years ago. You need a cd to put in your new cd player, of course.)

Those recordings arrived today.

Well, I am going to play yours, all the time. I love the tempi!
Sometimes my students make what I call a "Duh-Scovery."
They get something that you have been saying, over and over, for a very
long time.
They say something like: "you know, you're right."

Sometimes a personal connection makes a performance come alive.

I also bought a copy of Mahler 9, and TWO copies of Mahler 5, one for my
dear friend, Henry Janzen, who drove for three hours only to arrive a
sold out Roy Thomson Hall. He conducts the Hart House Orchestra at
UofT's Hart House.

You know, I was with friends, in a Tex-Mex restaurant on Simcoe St. and
I think I saw you walk past on Saturday night. I had to be
restrained from running after you to haul you in for a meal with us.
What does one do, after a successful concert?
I was thinking that maybe you had to be teaching, the next day, or had a
plane to catch.

But you have to know that we wanted to treat you to dinner. Next
time, we'd love to have the honor, if possible, to show a Toronto
welcome to someone who is PERMANENTLY WELCOME in Toronto.

Thank you for autographing my A of P. book, to a "Leader of
It meant the world.

Yours, sincerely and I mean it.

J. Fisher

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