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Thank You

My Dear Benjamin Zander,

I am the 77 year old retired Dentist that you took a moment to talk to while signing your book. I told you my dear wife died in February '06 and I told you I bought the CD of Mahler's Symphony No. 9 and you suggested that I get No. 4 also that music would help me, and you were right. When I listen to that music I feel a closeness to my wife. I miss her so sixty years together, engaged for four years while we were in college and married for 56 years.

This was at your presentation at the Methodist Conference in Greenville, N.C. June 16th, 2006. Listening to you for that two hours helped me so much. I have finished your and your wife's book and enjoyed it even more since I heard your presentation. When I listen to the music I visualize the 100 or so musicians and your conducting them. You are a sensitive man and a great man, yet you can identify with ordinary people. I just want to say thank you that's why I'm writing this letter today 6-22-06.

Thank you,

Dr. G. Wilson


Dear Dr. Wilson,

Isn't it strange - I meet literally thousands of people each week,
and yet our little meeting is emblazoned on my mid with total
clarity. I remember what you look like and the way you squeezed my
hand and the look on your face - so full of sadness that you were
alone, and yet so grateful for the memories. I felt your deep
gratitude for the presentation - it made quite an impression on me.
I said to myself, "it is because of that kind of person that I do
these presentations". So, thank you so much for writing and for
listening to the music.

It is so moving to me that the Mahler CD's bring you solace and
relief in the love for your dearest Barbara, your companion for 60
years! There are some more of those CD's that might add some more
depth and joy. If you are used to going on the web you can get them
on However, since you write by hand, it occurs to me
that you may not use a computer. If you need help getting the other
CD's, I will be happy to help. Have you thought of getting a
computer? Then you could enjoy so many of the riches available
nowadays on the web. I would invite you to my web-site which is a
kind of playground of possibility, with letters and journal entries
and all sorts of interesting things. It is

With very best wishes,

Ben Zander

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