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Four years of Roz's life

Dear Ben and Roz.
Last week, in the midst of everything else happening here, I shot off a very quick email saying how much I enjoyed your book.

However, I felt that I didn't do your book justice and now that I have the time, I thought I would elaborate.

Roz, in Ben's kind reply to my earlier email, he mentioned that you had put 4 years of your life into the book and for that, I want to thank you.

Thank you for having the courage to put in the time and energy and for sharing your wisdom. Imagine keeping all of that wonderful insight to yourself - I now know that my life would be poorer if you had given up. I often go to put pen to paper to share something that has had an impact on my life, and give up in frustration after a relatively short period of time.

I found that it took me 2 whole weeks to read your book and that was a very long time for someone who usually devours books at the rate of one per day. But I found that each chapter had so much in it, that I just couldn't go on to the next until I had absorbed what I had just read. It almost seemed disrespectful to treat it as lightly as I would a work of fiction.

I found that you gave words to a lot of what I try to live day to day and gave me new ways of thinking consciously about those living skills. I particularly loved Rule No. 6 and have made that the message on my screen saver. The only chapter that I found very challenging was being the game board. Because this was such a new way to express it, it took me a while to realise that what you were saying (and I hope sincerely that I have my head around this) was that we are not pieces in our own lives: we are not 'players' in the game of life, but that we create the 'board' on which our lives are lived. For me, this meant that I had a tremendous lot of fun designing my board which took my beliefs out of my unconscious so they became conscious living actions. My board is a brightly coloured one representing the rich tapestry of my experiences. I have always believed that the only person I can influence is myself and that while I may have been unable to make brave choices as a small child, I have unlimited choices about my quality of life as an adult.

I enjoy being a 'contribution' and it has taken the pressure right off me in my position: I love giving myself and others A's and thinking about why I'm giving an A: I absolutely and totally love the phrase 'how fascinating' and yesterday when I had 'one of those days', I keep saying how fascinating and it was extraordinary how it changed my day and my feelings about my day. Last night I realised that I had had a really fascinating day!

Well, I think that just about covers it without bombarding you with much more. Take care and keep being who you are because that is truly wonderful.


Kay Monteith
Program Accreditation Officer (Acting)

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